How to create a meditation routine

Have you tried practising meditation?

If you have you can understand it’s easy to start and you may feel a great sense of peace and tranquillity after a meditation session.

But then you are unable to continue the practice regularly.

Before we move further on how we can continue our practice daily without missing a few days in a week or month

Why should you practice meditation daily?

There are a lot of resources and scientific studies showing the benefits of meditation including stress reduction, improving focus, reducing anxiety and many more. Moreover, it can help you improve your relationships and help in dealing with complex problems of life easily.

Also, if you have ever tried meditating yourself or a guided meditation session you cannot deny the fact it makes you think clearly and you feel more connected to the present moment.

You can follow the steps below to create a routine.

How to create meditation routine

1. Start by taking small steps

You may want to start by sitting for 1 hour or 30 minutes session that’s good but you need to understand that you are in a marathon, not a 100m sprint.

You may start off with 1 hour or 30 minutes but then it’s hard to continue it the next day.

Your mind may give you various reasons next day to not sit down for a session it may trick you in thinking that you don’t have enough time(1 hour) to sit for a session.

A better way to start is to start very small and then increment it and trick your mind before it overpowers you. You can start with just 1 minute a day and then gradually increment it.

Now next day you tell yourself it’s just one minute I can sit down for a session and then proceed with my work or anything else I want to do.

Once you have practised for 1 week let’s say 1 minute a day you can increment 1 minute a day every day after that.

It will be easy to do this as now you already have accomplished something and you can also see benefits.

2. Track your Practice

Tracking Progress through App

This is really important and can be very helpful in creating a meditation routine. You need to track every single day you have meditated and every day you have missed your practice.

You can use habit tracking apps which provide you with information about your meditation streak/how many days in a row.

Let’s say you have practised 1 week without missing a day now you are on a 7-day streak according to the app and you don’t want to break the streak so you will sit and meditate 8th day that’s a basic nature for many of us.

As the streak number goes up it will be really difficult for you to break it because if you break it you have to start from Zero.

So it feels like a game in which you don’t want to miss the shot else your score is back to zero.

3. Practicing together

You can share your goal to create a meditation routine with someone you know(your friend or anyone from your family).

This can help you tremendously. Let’s say you start with a friend now you both can share your experiences and track your progress as I mentioned in the previous step.

Also if someday one person doesn’t want to meditate the other person will pull him to sit for a session.

For me this is a great way to grow together.


4. Listen/Read more about Meditation

This is a very basic nature of the human mind whatever input you give it will output similar thought and thinking patterns which will eventually turn into real actions.

You can listen to podcasts or Youtube videos while you are going for a morning walk or before sleeping at night.

This way you will get thoughts about it also it will help your practice and help you get up and start meditating.

You can read articles/books related to meditation. Also, you can go through various forums online and read about experiences from other people.

You can even participate in discussions on these forums this will help you be in the loop.

5. Sharing your Experiences/Insights

There is a saying when you help others you help yourself.

Sharing your experiences and insights with others can help you to move ahead on the path.

Whenever you find someone may need help with starting their practice or maintaining a streak.

You should help them with whatever you have learnt from your practice.


It’s possible to create a meditation routine. You may find it a bit difficult to start you may find difficult to keep up but one thing you should always remember it will be worth all the effort. May you be successful in your journey on this path. Be Happy! Be Peaceful!

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