How to practice walking Meditation

Walking meditation… Some people say a mindful walk.

So Question arises

Can we practice walking meditation?

The short answer to this question is Yes. You can practice walking meditation or walking mindfully and it can be helpful in your progress. If you observer your body and mind while walking and be mindful of everything as it is that’s walking meditation

Here are simple steps how you can start practicing Walking meditation

1. Position of feet

Before you start walking position of your feet should be natural the way they usually are when you walk.

They shouldn’t be open way too wide or way too close just stand in a natural position as you feel comfortable we don’t have to exercise or go on a run we just need to walk naturally

Be mindful of your feet and tour standing.

2. Position of hands

Similar to the feet your hands should be in a natural position they can in clasped behind your back they can be clasped in front or you can even let them free on your sides.

Again this depends on whatever you feel comfortable, effortless and natural. and be mindful of your position od your hands.

3. Keep your eyes open

Eyes should be open throughout the walking meditation session. And gaze should be on the path ahead of you.

Try to walk on a straight path.

4. Movement of feet

Movement of feet should be natural and you should try to be mindful while moving your foot. Also, movement of the foot should be natural.

You can move your foot slowly while starting it can help you feel the movement as you lift your foot and as it touches the ground.

Simply note it as it is.

The process is the same to remain aware of reality as it is.

You may feel frustration, joy or anything else while trying to be mindful and trying to walk it doesn’t matter whatever it may be just see it as it is.

You can also remind your self the nature of all the feelings is impermanent it will arise and if it as arises it will pass away. You don’t have to react to it or judge it.

5. Seeing Sensations as they are

You may feel sensations while walking.

If you don’t there is nothing to worry that’s your truth that you are not experiencing any sensation accept it as it is.

You may feel stress, tension, heaviness, lightness or any other sensation. Just see it as it is.

Basic nature of sensations is to arise and pass. You need to see the impermanence with your experience.

What should you do if your mind wanders while practising walking meditation

If your mind wanders while practising walking meditation. Simply take note of that. You don’t need to stress or worry about anything.

Simply accepting reality as it is. That’s the right way.

Accept that your mind has wandered. That the reality for that moment for you.

And then Start again..

If you drift again note it and start again..

This way keep on moving.

Why should you practice walking meditation?

1. Provides Physical fitness

Walking meditation can help you with physical fitness can help you keep your body fit.

While you are still being mindful of every moment and reality of that moment.

Reality that you experience within the framework of your body.

2. Helps you in being mindful in daily activities

Walking meditation can help you in being mindful or you may say seeing things as they are in your daily life as well while you are not practising.

As you are changing the habit pattern while walking. You are not reacting/ judging.

You may be going from your office to home may be walking and then you are aware of your thoughts arising passing, sensations arising passing.

This is a great way to get practise in your daily life.

3. Helps you in cultivating patience

Many of us are not used to walking mindfully. We just walk sometimes with our minds racing and we keep on reacting to our thoughts with knowing.

This practice can help you cultivate patience. As frustration may arise whenever you try to be mindful. If you see your frustration as it it.

It will eventually lead to your increased understanding and your being more patient.


You can practice walking meditation and it’s helpful if you practice it properly. Some people switch between walking and sitting while practising for long hours. Just remember to see reality as it is that the right way. Be happy! Be Peaceful

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