What are four noble truths – Gotama Buddha

Four Noble truths according to Gotama Buddha are 


The first noble truth is life starts with suffering.  It’s a characteristic of existence in the realm of samsara.

From the time a child is born to the time till death life is filled with suffering.

Suffering can be of different types in each stage of life.

For example, suffering that comes from disease or suffering from old age. Each one of us who is born will die and fear of death also brings suffering.

We are told sometimes by other people to not talk about death.

People don’t want to discuss death as it brings fear in them the tremendous attachment to self induces that fear.

Some people even fear the thoughts of death. But death is truth.

Everyone will die one day or another.

Someone may argue that there may be suffering in old age or suffering from a disease but if you are not suffering from these you have no suffering.

This is not true even if you are not suffering from these you keep on craving.

And when you don’t get what you crave for it brings nothing but suffering.

We keep on craving throughout our life and keep on suffering.

Even if you get something you have been craving for it doesn’t solve the problem rather increases it.

Now you need more of it or you need something else and you will start craving that.

So the first noble truth tells you that there is suffering in life.

2. Samudaya(the root cause of suffering is craving, Ignorance and  attachment)

Second noble truth tells us the root cause of suffering.

The root cause of suffering is craving/Desires, Ignorance(not knowing the reality and keep on craving) and attachment to self(me, mine).

Till the time you keep craving and are not aware of your cravings, you will keep increasing your suffering.

Even if you get what you are craving doesn’t get you out of a craving for things. It’s like a bucket with a big hole at the bottom.

It is not possible to fill it no matter how much you try.

No matter which kind of craving you try.

You may have experienced it as well in your life.

You wanted something very badly and thought if you get this your life will become amazing and you will be happy.

And then you got it. But it didn’t make any difference now you want something else and you crave for something else.

And if you don’t get it causes aversion to arise. And this cycle continues.

So the second noble truth tells you the root cause of suffering is Craving, ignorance and attachment.

3. Nirodha(suffering can be ended )

Third Nobel Truth is that suffering can be ended. Some people call buddha’s teachings to be pessimistic but they are neither pessimistic nor optimistic they are realistic.

As per the third noble truth, suffering can be ended and we gen get to a state where there is no suffering.


It’s a state free from all the suffering. One gets free from greed, delusion and hatred. And becomes an enlightened being

Also from the cycle of birth and death.


4. Magga(The way/Path to end suffering)

Fourth noble truth is the way out of suffering. We can get out of suffering following the 8 fold path.

So Buddha didn’t talk about just how much suffering we have in the world or what is the cause of suffering but he also provided a way out of suffering.

That’s why his teachings are realistic and can be implemented practically.

What is the 8 fold noble path?

1.Right Understanding  (Sammā ditthi)

2.Right Intention  (Sammā san̄kappa)

3.Right Speech (Sammā vācā)

4.Right Action (Sammā kammanta)

5.Right Livelihood (Sammā ājīva)

6.Right Effort (Sammā vāyāma)

7.Right Mindfulness  (Sammā sati)

8.Right Concentration (Sammā samādhi)

Anyone who follows the 8 fold path and practices properly can reach nirvana the stage free from all the sufferings and become an enlightened being.

You can start your meditation routine today. 

Be happy! Be peaceful!





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