What is the difference between Mindfulness and awareness?

Mindfulness or Awareness what’s the difference the two terms we know there are somehow are in the similar context but it’s confusing when we try to figure out what’s the difference, how to practice each of these and most important that is why to practice.

What is mindfulness?

Many people explain these two terms in different ways some of them say mindfulness is the type of medication only and call it mindfulness meditation some refer it to as having long mindful walks through the mountains or lush green jungles.In simple words, mindfulness is a practice of improving the microscope so that you can see things with greater depth and magnification so the power of your microscope will decide how clearly you can see the things that is the primary goal of mindfulness.There are lots of ways to develop this microscope and yes mindful walks help you improve in this

What is awareness?

If you want to just have an understanding of awareness at intellectual level it is simply being in the moment and be an observer you may observe your own thoughts how one thought creates other and then a chain with out reacting to any of them whatever it may be and if you even react observing and being aware of that but that requires a very clear and equanimous mind when you can see things clearly detaching yourself from the circumstances or the even your own thoughts this is the right type awareness of self you are not the thoughts you are not the person reacting to the thoughts you are just the observer observing everything without reacting to then they may be situations or the thoughts.That’s much more clear and understandable at the experiential level as compared to the intellectual level.But how to do that?

Don’t worry I will explain it all keep reading…

Mindfulness vs Awareness

So what is the difference? It’s simply you need to practice mindfulness in order to make yourself capable of being aware and observing the things outside and the thoughts going inside you objectively developing the understanding with experience that you are the observer you are not the thought or any memory associated with that.Well, the first step in itself is mindfulness, for example you are having your food and if you eat mindfully when you taste your food you may find a particular taste or you may find a get a particular smell and then awareness comes into play you may find the smell to be pleasant it may be your favourite food the same goes for the taste and then accordingly a thought of past may come or you act accordingly so awareness is observing all this with the understanding that you are just an observer who is seeing the things and this comes with practice and more you develop in mindfulness.

Why practice Mindfulness and awareness?

Now that’s the most important question why should we care about it? Have you ever felt a deep sense of satisfaction may be playing your favorite sport or just having a conversation with your old friend or maybe playing with your kids that’s because you are in the moment but do you remember how many such moments you had till now in your life? Do you want to experience that deep satisfaction from within for next each day of your life? Well, this is the way to achieve that and beyond those experiences which are unexplainable in words.Waking up with the sense of fulfilment and full of joy is the reason I practice it.Many studies show how mindfulness can help get rid of addictions like smoking.You can also use mindfulness as a tool to get into the deeper level of your mind and reprogram your subconscious mind

How to practice mindfulness?

Hard to do? Not at all you can start it easily and start getting benefits from it anyone can start it you don’t need to be a Yogi to practice it.Start with eating mindfully and then walking mindfully just see how you walk how you eat to see the whole process examine it don’t try to change anything or do anything extra just see it.And then you can move on to seeing your breath coming in and going out just see it try to do start it with 1 minute seeing your breath and then keep on increasing the duration but remember don’t do anything just see the things happen automatically that’s the only thing you need to do and this will eventually make you mind clearer and clearer so that you can move to the next step that is awareness.

How to practice awareness?

Do we really need to practice awareness or it’s an automatic process that we are aware? We have to break our old habit pattern of thinking of past or the future as and be in the present moment in order to have that automatic process of awareness so for the start we need to practice till we break the old pattern.Now how we can do that? Just be the observer try to see things as they are with out your past beliefs or feeling associated with that for example suddenly a thought comes to your mind about a person you don’t like and you start getting angry or your mind starts getting agitated in this situation you can practice awareness by just observing your anger don’t do anything to stop or control it just see through it and get to know why and how a past memory or situation is making you angry without associating yourself with the memory or the situation you are just an observer to the thing you just witnessed yes anger is arising due to so and so reason but I am aware of it without trying to control it.


Both mindfulness and awareness are necessary for your progress on the path of real happiness and liberation from all the bondages and the limiting beliefs that hold you back from living the life full of joy.Also, they will help you improve the relationship with people around you as you will be seeing the things as they are you can get out of most of your fears effortlessly and will have a different perception of life and many other things.I wish a life full of happiness, joy, and fulfilment for you.

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