Why do you feel like crying after meditation or while meditating

Have you ever felt that you are sitting for a meditation session and suddenly a strong emotion arises?

And you feel like you can breakdown into tears anytime. This can even stay even after you complete the session sometimes

If you have gone through this you may be curious, confused or even worried about

What does it mean when you cry during a meditation session?

The simple answer to this question is it means nothing. Crying is simply due to some emotions which are neither good or bad.

It may also be due to some conditioning and beliefs. It doesn’t matter

You don’t need to worry about you crying during or after a meditation session.

Emotions can’t harm you until you react to them and the right way is to see them as they are. Simply note and be mindful of your crying and emotions.

How to deal with crying during meditation?

To deal with crying is to deal with your emotions during meditation crying is nothing but the physical manifestation of your emotions, thoughts, sensations etc.

So if you can understand what you can do when strong emotions arise. You have tackled it the right way.

Here are a few steps on for how you can deal with strong emotions/feelings

1. Understand Emotions and feelings are not bad for you

Sometimes we might get into thinking that if a strong emotion arises and makes us uncomfortable during meditation it’s bad for us.

Maybe we had a notion in our mind that meditation is to make us calm and very relaxed or to get us a state of bliss.

That’s not true meditation is about seeing things as they are. Seeing reality as it is.

And your reality maybe your past beliefs, childhood trauma, some bad memories of the past, some bad relationship etc.

Now the easy way around this is a temporary solution to get another layer to hide all of this and feel good and try to get state of bliss.

That doesn’t remove the problem from its roots.

You can get rid of unpleasant feeling for some time but then again you need to get rid of it. Put another layer to just to feel good.

But this makes the problem worse in the longer run.

“The best way to solve your problems is to face them”

Understand if you are practising meditation the right way and you feel emotional or even if you cried it’s completely fine until you are mindful of it.

Now you have the control feelings and emotions lose control immediately.

You don’t need to cover anything by doing something to feel good.

You can simply accept reality as it is.

I am feeling emotional and feel like crying but it’s fine with me I am completely mindful of it.

2. Don’t give importance to thoughts of past

Sometimes you may feel overwhelmed by the thoughts from your past experiences.

These thoughts may trigger some sensations in your body and can make you feel emotional.

Simply don’t worry about thoughts. They are like a flowing river.

And you are observer siding on the river bank. You won’t drown until you jump into the river.

That means thoughts are not harmful to you until you react to them or you label them or judge them.

Just be mindful of all the thoughts and sensations. This will solve the problem permanently.

And you will feel a great sense of peace and freedom that come from inside not from an external stimulus.

Start by seeing your thoughts simple check what thoughts are coming to your mind.

See how your mind jumps from one thought to another and then to another.

Just be mindful of everything.

You are on the river bank and your job is to see the movements in the river.

There may be strong waves and noise sometime but it won’t harm you until you see as it is.

Eventually, everything will start to get still and pass away.

The river is not always furious, Sometimes it’s silent and moves without making any noise.

It doesn’t matter your job is to see whatever arises without any reaction to it.

3. Practice walking meditation for sometime

If you feel very strong emotional turbulence inside and it’s very difficult for you to be mindful of it.

You can simply start practising walking meditation. Here is a complete guide on walking meditation

4. Practice Love and kindness meditation

You may call it love and kindness meditation or Metta meditation.

Simply say

May all beings to be happy, Be peaceful!

May all experience deep inner peace!

May all be liberated from suffering!

Metta meditation helps you cultivate compassion for others. Also makes you feel a great sense of peace.

5. Share your experience

You can share your meditation experience with others. You can even share how you got emotional and felt like crying if you are comfortable.

Sharing helps you get a different perspective of things and can help see more clearly.


It’s completely normal to get emotional or to cry during mediation or after meditation, you don’t need to worry about it.

Until you are mindful of your emotions without reacting to them you are making progress. Always remember thoughts are not harmful fo your.

It’s reaction and judgment to that thought. If you are seeing your thoughts without reacting to them you are making progress. Be Happy! Be Peaceful!






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